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Update Feb 11, 2019 on Stingray

Stingray is still digesting the 2018 huge¬†transformational acquisition of NCC and with their subscriber base reaching a new high of over 356,000, it allowed¬†adjusted free cash flow to double to $16 million. During the third quarter, three new apps were launched: The Voice, Piano Academy, and Stingray Classica while the launch of Stingray Karaoke and […]

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Stingray Digital Industry Consolidator

1. The story and the fundamentals: August 8, 2018: Stingray founder and chief executive Eric Boyko have positioned the company as an active industry consolidator since it went public in 2015 by making six acquisitions in the past year alone, (including Qello Concerts, Satellite Music Australia Pty. Ltd. (SMA) and SBA Music Pty. Ltd. (SBA)).¬† […]

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